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Circle of Life

Mixed Media Installation, 2017


この作品は、海外研修の滞在先と大学で撮影した3つの映像、また東京の公園にある噴水を、原始的な媒介である粘土を用いた彫刻が、中心にあるブルータス像をぐるりと囲んで配置されている。この作品によって「生きる」「食べる」「つくる」という根源的かつ個人的な体験を通して、「Art」と「Daily ritual(日常における儀式や慣習)」の境界線を問うている。

In the summer of 2016, I spent about a month on an overseas research trip to Easter Island, Greece, and other World Heritage Sites. At that time, I realised that even the most prosperos civilisation will fall, but "the world goes on no matter what", and as my contract at Musashino Art University, where I worked as an associate professor, was about to expire, I realised that "even the days I have worked so hard will be forgotten when the new term comes". These two "circles" became the starting point for the project.

The work consists of three videos shot at the university and my overseas training residency, as well as sculptures of fountains found in Tokyo parks, made of primitive medium clay, arranged around a statue of Brutus at the center of the work. This work questions the boundary between "art" and "daily rituals" through the fundamental and personal experiences of "living", "eating", and "making".

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