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Exhibition reviews with some creative questions 

Videos, 2022~

Gerhard Richter @The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MOMAT)【アート解説】

Video (11:35), 2022

In this video we explore world-famous artist Gerhard Richter’s exhibition at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. Learn about Richter’s creative practice over the last 60 years and try some fun activities too!


  • What kind of artwork could you make from glass?

  • Do you think there can be an ‘appropriate artistic expression’ for the Holocaust?

  • What other objects and tools could you use to achieve different textures in paint?

  • What artwork could you make in a public space? 

  • Can you recycle an existing artwork to make a new piece?

  • If you could keep only one of your photos which would you choose?

  • What objects would you choose to represent yourself in a still life?

  • Which do you prefer, photography or painting, and why?

  • Why not improve some photos you don’t like, by painting over them?

  • What role does drawing play in your creative process?

Chim↑Pom from Smappa!Group @無人島プロダクション @ANOMALY【アート解説】森美術館「Chim↑Pom展:ハッピースプリング」同時開催

Video (13:46), 2022

On April 19th 2022 Chim↑Pom announced a name change to Chim↑Pom from Smappa!Group, and in this video we reveal why by visiting their 2 new exhibitions at MUJIN-TO Production and ANOMALY! 


  • Do you think this name change controversy was prefabricated by Chim↑Pom?

  • Do you think Chim↑Pom's adherence to the cycle of making art to exhibit and sell in galleries is holding them back from being truly radical?

  • Do you think Chim↑Pom are fully realizing their potential as a radical artist collective, and if not, what course of action should they take to do so?

Chim↑Pom @Mori Art Museum Tokyo

Video (15:27), 2022

In this video we explore ‘Happy Spring’, the first-ever retrospective exhibition from Chim↑Pom (‘Japan’s most radical artist collective’). Learn about Chim↑Pom’s works which tackle a wide range of social issues and try some fun activities too!

Christian Marclay @Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo【Exhibition Tour】
クリスチャンマークレー @東京都現代美術館

Video (8:39), 2022

In this video we introduce the Christian Marclay exhibition 'Translating' at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Learn more about the artwork on display and try some fun activities too!

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